Is a Heat Pump Right For My Home?


Is a Heat Pump Right For My Home?

Many homeowners are initially confused about a heat pump. What is it, exactly? How expensive is it? What kind of space works well with a heat pump? And what about air conditioning? Comfort Heating & Cooling has over 12 years of HVAC experience and ductless heat pumps are one of our focus areas. We’re also proud to offer Daikin® Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps, which are high quality heating and cooling systems that work well in a variety of residential and commercial situations.

Daikin Ductless Heat PumpWhat is a heat pump?

A heat pump transfers warm and cool air between the outdoors and the indoors. During the winter, it pumps warm outside air into a home. During the summer, it transfers warm air from inside a home to the outdoors. Heat pumps don’t generate heat, they simply transfer warm air between a home and the outdoors. This transfer of air is why heat pumps cost significantly less to operate when compared to furnaces or central air conditioning units.

There are two types of heat pump that are commonly installed in residential homes.

  1. An air-source system has an indoor air handler unit and an outside heat pump unit. Refrigerant circulates between the units, absorbing or releasing heat. These systems are efficient, and homeowners can expect to save around 50% on their utility bills when compared to baseboard or electric furnaces. While air-source heat pumps can be installed in colder climates, you will likely require a backup source of heat for when temperatures dip below freezing.
  2. Ductless heat pumps, which Comfort Heating & Cooling specializes in, also consist of an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air handler unit, but there can be multiple indoor units. Installed high on a wall, they’re operated by a remote control. Requiring no ductwork, the systems circulate refrigerant through tubing. Incredibly efficient, they’re also cost-effective solutions for homes that aren’t ducted.

Ductless Air Conditioner InstallWhat kind of home is a good fit for a ductless heat pump?

Ductless heat pumps are a perfect option for homes that don’t have ductwork. Ducting a home is costly. Plus, ductwork can be responsible for significant energy loss in a home. Leaky, inefficient ducts can reduce energy efficiency by up to 30 percent. By installing a ductless system, you save the major cost of ducting a home while avoiding high utility bills due to inefficiencies. Ductless systems are also good options for the following:

  • Home additions
  • ADUs
  • Outbuildings
  • Rooms that aren’t regularly occupied and don’t need to be heated/cooled constantly
  • If the existing heat system is expensive to operate or inefficient

Additionally, ductless heat pumps provide customized comfort options that can be beneficial for certain situations. If a basement needs extra heating or an upstairs needs extra cooling, ductless systems can provide you with the specialized zone control you need. The temperature of specific rooms can even be varied.

How much does a ductless heat pump cost?

Ductless systems are much easier to install compared to a centralized system (especially due to lack of ductwork), so they generally cost less to install. Many factors can affect the total price, but generally, purchase and installation start at $2,000. There are often rebates that can help offset costs, like a current $800 cash incentive from the Energy Trust of Oregon. The energy savings you’ll see in your utility bills are also real money savers, as you will generally reduce your bill by 25-50 percent.

What is a Daikin heat pump?

Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC systems, and Comfort Heating & Cooling offers an array of their mini split heat pumps. These quiet, efficient, and affordable systems are a great option for many homeowners. Daikin has been a leader in the industry for 80 years and their heat pumps provide users with a superior level of comfort and control.

Interested in talking to our specialists about a ductless heat pump for your home? Contact us today and set up a free consultation.

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March 6, 2020 Cooling, Energy Efficiency, Heat Pumps, Heating

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