“I contacted Charlie in the morning, and he came out in the afternoon giving me a bid for a new Rheem furnace, filter unit and programmable thermostat.   After asking numerous questions, I accepted the bid from Charlie and was glad to know he was going to be there for the installation.

Charlie and his helper Jim, arrived promptly at 9am the next morning for the installation.  The job went very well and I thought everything was done in a professional manner.  They installed the new thermostat and programmed it for me, showing me each step of the process.  I was also given hands on experience with servicing the new air filter.  The new unit is working great and maintaining a very steady temperature throughout the house (without the temperature swings we experienced with our old unit).  It is really great to have a steady temperature and not feel cold before the furnace starts!   The bottom line is, YES, I do recommend using this company, especially dealing with Charlie.”

Mr. Waide
Happy Valley, OR 97086

“We used Comfort Heating & Cooling Inc. in December 2006 or January the next year to do the furnace.

They replaced my furnace and it was done in the middle of winter and it was cold for 3 days. The technician that came brought me down to the basement and showed me that it was an hour away from exploding, so we were really happy that we turned it off when we did. It was a dangerous situation and we didn’t realize how lucky we were. They were prompt and did a good job. They were the first ones that we called and they said that they would be right out and they were. They called us and gave us a good offer and they had to put in venting pipes and the crew was very nice. The unit seems to work well and I have never had any problem with it. They provide good customer service and I felt comfortable, and I also feel that their price was reasonable.”

Mrs Vardas
Portland, OR 97219

“Comfort heating replaced my 100,000 btu, 11 year old, 85% efficiency furnace with a new Ruud 75,000 btu, 95% efficiency furnace.

Comfort Heating & Cooling’s bid was WELL below the other 5 bids that I had received. The installation went quickly, and they were done in a few hours. My house was left clean, and the furnace is keeping the house at a much more even temperature than the old furnace. I’m happy to report that my gas usage for January is 30% lower than last January!”

Mr Hanson
Portland, OR 97211

“We appriciate so much the work and kindness your company displayed while working on our home. I have enclosed a couple copies of the pictures I took so that both you and Jim could have one. Thanks to the both of you – you were really, very nice.”


Jim is very satisfied, and especially appreciated you leaving behind the optional setup for A/C. I really liked working with you; I appreciate your honesty, competence and professionalism. You are now at the top of my list for HVAC referrals. We seldom get calls for HVAC work but whem we do, it’s good to know whom we can count on to do the job right, at a fair price and in a pleasant manner.”

Rick Cordell
Reekie Properties, LLC

“Comfort Heating,
Thanks for coming out on such notice and for doing more than I know you billed me for!

That furnace was a life saver tonight as we worked…so thanks again!
I will send as many people your way as I can!

You have no idea how easy it is for us to stay warm right now in the SE house! That old girl is holding heat better than the house we are living in over in NW that is 45 years newer!

You are a life saver…it would have been miserable to be working in this weather without the luxury of heat!

I am sure you didn’t know you’d become my go-to guy on all things HVAC related…but it is so hard to find a person whose opinions and expertise I can trust! Lucky you! 🙂

So thanks again!”

Ashley Seaberg
Your original Design Diva

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service. It is funny how we take things like heat for granted when we have it, but when we don’t it sure is noticed. I called on tuesday and made an appointment for the next day during my lunch hour. Charlie was on time (early actually) and in minutes figured out the issue and I was able to get back to work knowing that when I got home I would be able to walk into a nice warn house!

I have used Comfort Heating once before when I sold my previous house and had great service back then too. I will certainly be recommending Comfort Heating to anyone I can think of and will make sure to keep your number handy for my next service and any emergencies.

Thank you again!”

Katie Hare

“Steve C,

I’m Steve Hochspeier’s sister, and you referred Comfort Heating & Cooling. I am pleased with their work and service. They were very professional, knowledgeable and did the job quicker and sooner than I could have anticipated. The ductless system has been a blessing now that the weather is warmer.

I would not hesitate to refer people to Comfort Heating. If I can answer any questions in particular I would be happy to. Thanks for the referral.”

Sherrill Hochspeier