Heat Pumps For Year-Round Efficient Heating And Cooling

A mini-split, or a ductless heating and cooling system, is an affordable way to attain the level of home comfort you need! These systems are extremely popular because they heat and cool without requiring ductwork, which is inefficient and expensive to install. More perks? Ductless heat pumps are relatively easy to install and they’re efficient, quiet, and affordable to operate. Learn how a ductless heat pump works and if a ductless heat pump is right for your home.

  • Save money – Ductless heat pumps usually cost less to purchase and operate when compared to a centralized system. Even better, purchases may qualify for cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon. At Comfort Heating and Cooling, we are well-versed in current rebates and incentives and we’re dedicated to ensuring you maximize all possible savings.
  • Save energy – Since ductless heat pumps don’t require ductwork, they are more efficient than systems that use ducts. Ductwork, when leaky or not insulated, can be a significant source of energy loss. Mini-splits are an efficient way to keep your Sandy home comfortable while reducing energy costs. You can expect to save from 25% to 50% when compared to a traditional HVAC system.
  • Experience superior home comfort – Ductless heat pumps are the ultimate choice for zone control. If you have trouble spots in your room, you need customized temperatures by room, or you’re adding on to your house, a ductless system is your best bet for affordable, efficient comfort.


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Ductless heat pumps are an ideal option for Sandy homes and businesses with:

  • Expensive electric heat (including baseboard, furnace, wall heaters and cable)
  • No existing ductwork
  • No existing central air conditioning installation
  • Old and/or costly central heating systems due to high fuel costs or poor system efficiency
  • Home additions, mother-in-law suites, AUDs, barns, and garages where adding ductwork for cooling/heating capacity is not feasible
  • Spaces that are not occupied daily
  • Rooms where ductwork is not well insulated and exposed to temperature fluctuations, such as attics and garages

Philip Klimbal

Comfort installed a new heat pump system for me in early July of 2018 to replace an existing electric furnace. They had the best price, completed the work as scheduled, and the system has worked flawlessly since. I especially appreciated that Charlie, the installer (& owner) was the one who came out to do the quote and explain the process. The Ruud system is working well and has been very economical to operate for heating and cooling.

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