Ductless Systems To Heat & Cool a Home Addition

Are you planning a new addition to your home this year? You’ll have a lot of details to take care of, whether you’re building an extra bedroom, bathroom, living space, or sunroom. The comfort of your new space is important and determining the best way to provide optimal heating and cooling is an important consideration.

Can your current HVAC system be extended?

Before you begin to build, have your HVAC contractors figure out if your current system can be extended to comfortably heat and cool the addition. By performing a load calculation on your HVAC system, you’ll understand its current capacity and if the existing ductwork can be extended into the new area.

If your current system can’t handle the new heating and cooling needs, would upgrading to a larger HVAC system help? While an upgrade requires a large upfront cost, it may make sense if you were already planning on replacing your system in the near future due to its age and you have room in your budget.

Heat Pumps for Home Additions in Oregon

What is a ductless system?

If you’re not interested in upgrading your HVAC system, consider installing a ductless system in your new addition. These systems provide an efficient and affordable way to both comfortably heat and cool smaller spaces. Ductless systems have two parts: an outdoor unit that sits on the ground outside and an indoor blower unit that gets installed in an exterior wall.

Consider the benefits of ductless systems:

  1. A variety of options can complement the design of your space. The indoor units can be purchased in a variety of styles, such as wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, or concealed. No matter how you want your new room to look, you’ll find a system that will look great!
  2. No ducts = less waste! In conventional HVAC systems, much of the heated air dissipates as it travels through the ductwork. With ductless systems, all the air goes right into your space, ensuring you don’t waste energy or money.
  3. Flexibility! Ductless systems are extremely flexible, allowing you to heat and cool the space only as needed, which is great for rooms that won’t be used often. This flexibility is also helpful if your new room gets especially hot or cold due to orientation, tree coverage, or window placement.

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