Get Your Home (and Your HVAC!) Ready for Winter

After the heat and drought of this past summer, we’re welcoming the arrival of autumn! With the cool temps and much-needed rain come some necessary actions to get your home and property ready. In no particular order, here are our top 10 tips!

#1: Clean the gutters

Be ready for the heavy winter rains that we get in the Portland area and make sure your gutters are clean! Inspect them to ensure they’re free from any blockages that might create clogs and lead to water damage.

#2: Protect outdoor furniture

Don’t let rain damage patio furniture and decor. Metal can rust and corrode when exposed to long-term moisture. Even pillows or cushions that claim to be water resistant can mildew or mold. If you don’t have an indoor area to store these items, securely covering with a tarp or cover should sufficiently protect them.

#3: Fertilize the lawn

Your grass might need a little extra attention this fall, especially after the summer’s heatwave. With some preparation now, you’ll help your grass next summer. While grass doesn’t grow much during the winter, the roots still benefit from fertilizer. Applying fertilizer in the autumn, along with overseeding, will help your grass thrive next year.

#4: Check for drafts

Windows may be responsible for 25-30% of energy use but weather stripping can majorly reduce drafts. Adding weather stripping is an affordable DIY project that has real results. If your doors and windows already have weather stripping, autumn is a great time to inspect it for damage. Age, friction, and weather can cause deterioration. Whatever type you choose, such as adhesive-backed foam to tension-seal, it’ll keep the drafts out and the heat in!

#5: Check the batteries

You should be checking your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on a frequent, regular basis. Some recommendations, such as those from the U.S. Fire Administration suggest checking detectors monthly and replacing the batteries every six to 12 months. Buy brand-new detectors every 10 years.

#6: Replace air filters

Air filters should be changed out every one to three months, depending on your system’s instructions. Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of your system, create airflow blockages, and create allergy issues for those living in the home.

#7: Clear vents

Dirty vents also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. Wipe clean vents and registers, and make sure that they’re not blocked by rugs or furniture. Make sure all vents are open, too! Contrary to popular belief, closing off vents in certain rooms will not improve efficiency – it can actually create issues.

#8: Clean the outdoor unit

Falling leaves, dirt, and sticks can get stuck inside your outside heat pump or AC unit. Remove any large debris that you can easily reach and then wipe down the exterior walls. Clear the area around the unit – about two feet – to ensure it works effectively.

#9: Reprogram the thermostat

Make sure you’re ready for the change in season by reprogramming your thermostat. The temps in your home should be lower during times you won’t be home and at night, and higher when you’ll be home during the day. Set it up once and then forget about it!

#10: Contact Comfort Heating & Cooling for a tune-up!

Last but not least, don’t risk an expensive repair or the heat conking out during a cold snap. A well-maintained furnace or heat pump will run more reliably and efficiently while your utility bills stay low. Plus, properly maintained equipment tends to last longer.

At Comfort Heating and Cooling, our techs are proud to provide reliable and affordable services to keep your family comfortable. Call 503-679-9276 to schedule your preventative maintenance check today. Or, if you’re seeking new ways to keep your home warm this winter, ask about a free quote. We’ll assess your needs and your budget and find a great new furnace or ductless heat pump solution for your family!

Contact Comfort Heating & Cooling

Call Comfort Heating & Cooling at 503-679-9276 to schedule a tune-up and enjoy quiet, efficient, and affordable temperature control for your home all year long. And if you’re shopping around for a new heating and cooling system for your home? Contact us today for a free consultation and find out if these systems are a good fit for your home!




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