Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Certified Furnace TechniciansHow often should you get your home furnace serviced? Manufacturers agree that your furnace should get an annual tune-up in the fall to prepare for cold weather. A properly maintained furnace will ensure that your furnace doesn’t suddenly stop working, causing discomfort and a costly repair or replacement bill.

By scheduling regular furnace service, you’ll reap the following benefits.

  • Avoiding costly repairs: By proactively repairing small problems that could lead to bigger issues over time, you’ll avoid paying for extensive repairs during the winter.
  • Increased efficiency: Maintenance keeps your furnace running at peak efficiency and ensures your energy bills don’t get too pricey.
  • Extending the life of your furnace: A furnace free of leaks and blockages can run for years. Keep your furnace maintained and avoid prematurely replacing it.
  • Peace of mind: When your furnace is serviced regularly, you can rest easy knowing that your air quality is healthy and free of serious hazards like carbon monoxide.

A Furnace tune-up will include furnace cleaning, a control check, filter replacement, electrical connections/voltage inspections, and more to ensure that your system is running optimally for efficiency and safety.

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