Instant Rebate on Ducted and Ductless Heat Pump Installations

Save up to $4,000 instantly!

Do you live in a manufactured home in Oregon? This year, you may be eligible for an instant rebate on the installation of a ducted or ductless heat pump system! This Energy Trust of Oregon incentive will be deducted from your invoice, reducing out-of-pocket expenses. We’re proud to partner with Daikin, which leads the market in cutting-edge, efficient heat pump systems.

Enhance your home’s comfort while enjoying cost savings on both heating and cooling

Did you know that heat pumps offer about twice the efficiency of an electric furnace, saving you up to 40% on your annual heating costs? Plus, these highly efficient systems conveniently cool your home during the hot summer months. This allows you to close windows, turn off fans, and eliminate the need for noisy room air conditioners.

Combined with this instant rebate offer, these savings and benefits make this a do-not-miss promotion. Call 503-679-9276 or complete our form to take advantage of this opportunity today!

How to qualify for this instant rebate

Qualifications for this promotion depend on the system you install:

  • Get a $4,000 instant rebate on a ducted heat pump system if you live in a manufactured home built in or after 1985 and currently use an electric forced-air furnace as your primary heat source.
  • Get a $3,500 instant rebate on a ductless heat pump system if you live in a manufactured home and currently use electric resistance (electric heater) as your primary heat source.

Both rebates are available exclusively to current Portland General Electric and Pacific Power customers.

Take advantage of this great program

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