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Our Top 5 Most Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

Comfort Heating & Cooling has been in the HVAC business for a long time – over 14 years now! During our time in business, we’ve received many common questions from homeowners. Here are last year’s most frequently asked questions:  When should HVAC ductwork be replaced? What home heating and cooling system should I buy? Where are HVAC filters located? Can HVAC systems filter COVID-19? Are HVAC systems energy efficient? When should HVAC ductwork be replaced? This is an interesting one.... Read More

5 Ways to Have an Energy Efficient Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year but it can also be stressful as we worry about all the extra money we’re spending on gifts, parties, decorations, and food. One easy way to keep expenses in check is by being mindful about our energy consumption. Here are a few quick tips to help keep your utility from ballooning out of control. #1: Buy LED lights If you’re decorating your house with old incandescent lights, considering replacing them in LED lights… Read More