Alternatives to Oil Heating

Is your home heated by oil? With oil prices volatile and subject to global supply and demand, it’s a great time to consider a switch to a cleaner and more efficient system that will also save you money. If your oil furnace is old or isn’t working properly and needs to be replaced, take a look at the following options.

If you’re interested in cleaner, efficient heating, learn more about:

  1. Gas furnaces
  2. Electric furnaces
  3. Ductless heat pumps
Oil Heater Conversion To Gas

Option #1: Gas Furnaces

Natural gas is much more efficient than oil and it’s cleaner as well. If you want to reduce your home’s heating costs and carbon dioxide emissions, consider this cost-effective and cleaner burning fuel. Plus, with natural gas, you don’t have to coordinate home deliveries or worry about harmful odors or a leaking tank. While a new gas furnace may cost more initially, your maintenance needs and operating costs will be significantly reduced compared to heating your home with oil because gas furnaces are incredibly efficient at heating. Many models operate at 98% efficiency, which means your energy bills will be lower and you’ll lessen your impact on the environment.

There are a few drawbacks to gas heat to consider as well. For example, gas furnaces tend to be larger than electric models, so be sure your space can accommodate the size. Also, these models need to vent the gases that are created, like CO2. If the vents don’t work properly, there are safeguards to detect leaks. However, you’ll still want to be cautious of leaks and make sure to keep up with maintenance. In the Pacific Northwest, you’ll also want to ensure there’s a seismic valve, which automatically stops gas flow in the case of an earthquake.

Option #2: Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces use electricity to heat a home. They are a good option when there’s no access to natural gas, since running a gas line can be prohibitively expensive. Electric furnaces are usually smaller than their gas counterparts, so they’re beneficial in smaller homes. These models also operate more quietly. Safety is another key benefit since there are no emissions to worry about.

It’s important to note that electric furnaces are usually more expensive to purchase and operate and they’re less efficient too.

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Option #3: Ductless Heat Pumps

Does your home have radiators or baseboard heaters? Ductless mini-split systems are an easy-to-install and economical option for you, especially if installing new ductwork is out of your budget. The system is compact and can fit nearly anywhere, providing the ultimate in zone control. Even better? These systems generally cost less to purchase and operate. They’re highly efficient and quiet, too.

At Comfort Heating and Cooling, we’re experienced and skilled in oil-to-gas conversions and heat pump installation. We’re here to help you make the switch to a cleaner and more cost-effective home heating system. Give us a call today!

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