5 Common Ductless Heat Pump Myths

Are you considering installing a ductless heat pump on your Portland area home, apartment, or business? If you haven’t made your final decision due to lingering concerns or questions, take a look at these common heat pump myths. We’ve heard these misconceptions many times over the years, so make sure you’re making an accurate, informed decision! Whether you’re looking to lower your energy costs, provide customized climate controls, or make an addition or outbuilding more comfortable, you’ll love what a ductless heat pump can do for you!

Daikin Aurora Wall Mount Heat Pump

Myth #1: Heat pumps are noisy.

The origin of this common myth is actually based in fact. It’s true that early heat pumps were noisy! However, as the technology as grown and improved, heat pumps have become much quieter. Today’s heat pumps have low sound ratings that are either the same as or significantly less than a conventional air conditioner. An average ductless heat pump ranges from 40-60 decibels, equivalent to quiet library sounds and average conversations. Compare this to the average air conditioner or furnace, which can emit 60-80 decibels. The precise level of noise generated by your mini-split is dependent on your model, make, and age.

A brand like Daikin, for example, has invested heavily in ways to minimize noise, from aerodynamic fan blades, specially-designed air grilles, and the latest innovations in compressor technology. Daikin boasts a ‘Quiet Operations’ function that makes it a great option for rooms that need to be extra quiet, such as babies’ rooms.

Myth #2: Ductless heat pumps can only be installed in new buildings.

Ductless heat pumps certainly can be installed in new buildings, and they often are. But the great thing about heat pumps is that they’re so customizable. They can be installed in new homes, old homes, additions, outbuildings, or ADUs. While some heating and cooling systems require ductwork (which can be difficult and expensive to install), heat pumps aren’t ducted so they can go anywhere.

Myth #3: Heat pumps are big and unattractive.

This is another persistent misconception. Ductless heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit (similar to a conventional air conditioner but much smaller) but also an indoor unit that must be mounted on an interior wall. Homeowners are sometimes disinclined to consider these systems because they won’t fit into their design aesthetic. However, today’s heat pumps are slim and inconspicuous, especially when compared to older models. While the indoor unit is certainly visible, they come in unobtrusive colors. Our customers report that after a short period of time, they don’t even notice the indoor unit.

Ductless Heat Pump Installation Portland

Myth #4: Heat pumps don’t work in cold climates.

How exactly do ductless heat pumps work? These systems transfer heat between the indoors and the outdoors to reach a specified temperature. In the winter, heat from the outside is collected and circulated inside to warm the home. So if you live in a cold climate, how can a heat pump work in winter when there is no warm air to transfer inside? Luckily, there are models that are equipped with technology that can handle extreme cold temperatures. Here in the Portland area, our customers find that ductless mini splits work extremely well in our climate.

Myth #5: Ductless heat pumps aren’t efficient.

This one couldn’t be further from the truth! Since they don’t have ductwork, ductless systems don’t have the air leaks or pressure imbalances of conventional HVAC systems, which are huge sources of energy loss and discomfort. Some estimates show that ductless systems can save 30%-60% compared to other types of HVAC systems. Customization options help save on energy and bills, too. Set certain rooms or floors to be different temperatures depending on use and needs.

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