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How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Let’s face it: winter has arrived, along with the higher home heating costs that strain most household budgets this time of year. The good news? With a few simple steps, you can lower your costs in the months ahead. Check out our pro tips below on how to save money on your home heating bill this winter: Don’t heat spaces you don’t use regularly Close your curtains and blinds Bundle up & save Install a programmable thermostat Replace your old... Read More

5 Ways to Fix Uneven Home Heating and Cooling

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Many homeowners complain of a room — or even an entire floor — that is excessively hot or cold. Since warm air rises, it’s not uncommon to experience an upper level that is too warm even when the air conditioning is turned on. A slight difference in temperature isn’t necessarily something to be concerned about. However, if you’re struggling to maintain comfort throughout your entire house, there are a few fixes that can help your home HVAC system work more… Read More

Is a Heat Pump Right For My Home?

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Many homeowners are initially confused about a heat pump. What is it, exactly? How expensive is it? What kind of space works well with a heat pump? And what about air conditioning? Comfort Heating & Cooling has over 12 years of HVAC experience and ductless heat pumps are one of our focus areas. We’re also proud to offer Daikin® Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps, which are high quality heating and cooling systems that work well in a variety of residential… Read More

How Much Does AC Cost to Install?

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Air conditioning is not only becoming more common in the Portland, Oregon area, but it’s increasingly considered a requirement, especially if you’re putting your house up for sale. Since winter is a perfect time to install AC, let’s take a look at some factors that go into the pricing of a new unit. Consideration #1: Brand Brand plays a big part of the overall price. Cost varies greatly by brand and there are pros and cons to each. Here at… Read More

Common Applications for Ductless Heat Pumps

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Updated for 2022! A ductless heat pump (also called a mini-split) is an affordable heating and cooling option for homes and businesses. Mini-splits provide affordable and efficient heating and cooling in many situations. Not sure if a ductless system or traditional furnace/air conditioner would be better for your particular situation? Let's take a look at a few common situations where a ductless heat pump is most often recommended. What is a ductless heat pump? A heat pump transfers warm and... Read More